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Our credo: We add new value to learning and teaching

Computer Assisted Education and Information Technology Centre (OEIiZK) is an in-service teachers training institution specialized in computer science and ICT. We provide support for teachers in their professional development as far as computer skills and didactic applications of information technology are concerned.

We are a public institution for in-service teacher education managed by the Mazovian Province Local Government. We started our activities in 1991. Our pedagogical team consists of twenty five highly qualified teachers-consultants for whom  information technology (IT) at school are the field of professional activity. Success in teacher training which is constantly reported is based on our research, completed and implemented projects and publications.

Teacher training activities are based on creative work which covers introducing, developing and implementing new: methods of teaching, programs of improvement and additional schooling, teaching equipment, methodology publications, ICT tools for learning and teaching.

The participants of our tranings are: teachers of information technology and other subjects at various types of schools, headmasters, methodology advisers, librarians.

We co-operate with researchers from universities who work on topics of mutual interest. We constantly get feedback from schools and teachers, who we work for. Since the beginning in 1991 we have always been in the center of events essential for computer assisted education and educational applications of information technology. The Centre is the leading organization in this area.

International & national projects  and other activities which we have realised so far:

  • FUTURE SPACE – the EU-funded project focused on astronomy & space exploration to provide for change in understanding and teaching STEM subjects in European educational systems: Visit project page
  • Warsaw is programming! – project learning program for teachers and students of the Warsaw primary schools preparing teachers to programming in Scratch; familiarize teachers with the possibilities of using the Scratch program on educational activities; strengthening digital literacy and creativity of Warsaw students; to learn more visit project page.
  • IT focused competitions for pupils: miniLogia – Graphics in Logo for elementary school pupils; LOGIA – Logo and algorithms for lower secondary school pupils.
  • ICT for IST – ICT for Innovative Science Teachers. We were the coordinator of this project. Its main aim was to define how to teach Science with the help of ICT in the modern way.
  • Academy for a Professional Teacher – its main aim was to define how to teach various subjects with the help of ICT in the modern way.
  • Using new and traditional media in primary education – information about study visit; to learn more visit this page.