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Warsaw is programming!

There are many examples all over the world which show that learning programming is possible from the early stages. However, it is not enough to equipped schools with modern IT devices, but teachers need support in conducting classes on how to introduce the basics of programming. Project Warsaw is programming! tries to meet this expectations.

Description of the project

The main objective of the project is popularization programming in primary schools by providing attractive lessons to students by their teachers. There is an assumption that these activities can be conduct both by computer classes teachers and by teachers of different subjects.

Teacher can also improve competencies to lifelong learning especially through Internet. There are prepared different materials for teachers which help them starting to work in the programming environment. Organizers provide workshops in blended learning system – 15 hours in the labs during face-to-face workshops and about 15 hours online activities on the Moodle. During the course participants will get familiar with the Scratch environment, and will learn the basic programming constructs. Teachers have the opportunity to expand their methodical skills.

During the project we will also initiate cooperation network of teachers so that they can exchange ideas and experiences, and seek for advice and get support. An important element is the Mazovian Scratch Days, in which students and their teachers will present interesting projects.

The aim of the project



Małgorzata Barańska


Wanda Jochemczyk